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Top 9 Miami Spa Treatments: The Ultimate Guide of Miami Facials

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February 3, 2021

When visiting Miami, there are seemingly limitless options for treating yourself. Adding new elements to your beauty routine is a great way to relax and sustain a beautiful, youthful glow. Miami facials and massages are great ways to beautify and relax, but they aren’t the only spa treatments in Miami.  

If you’re looking for more Miami spa treatments on your next Miami vacay, here is a complete guide to what the city has to offer, courtesy of Lavish Laser Medspa.

Top 9 Miami Spa Treatments:

  1. Botox – This popular injectable filler is the preferred treatment for the small “11” wrinkles that develop between your eyebrows as you age because it is better concentrated for treating small specific areas of your skin.
  2. Dysport – If you are treating larger areas of skin like the forehead or crow’s feet, Dysport is the most popular choice because the treatment is more easily diffused on a larger surface area.
  3. Sculptra – Before you choose between Botox and Dysport, ask if Sculptra Aesthetic is the best option. If you are treating wrinkles on the hands, chin, or jowl fold, this or its close cousin Radiesse may be your best bet.
  4. Radiesse – This lesser-known cousin of Botox and Dysport also treats lines and wrinkles. Unlike Sculptra, Radiesse works after just one use and doesn’t require additional treatments.
  5. Restylane – There are many different kinds of Restylane treatments, including Kysse, Refyne, or Defyne. The goal of these dermal fillers is to provide fast, non-invasive beautification and rejuvenation.
  6. HydraFacialHydraFacial services are fastly becoming some of the most beloved Miami facials in town!
  7. Laser Hair Removal – Miami is known for showing skin so it’s no wonder this procedure remains one of the most popular around. Laser hair removal in Miami is a great alternative to waxing and can be a permanent fix for unsightly hair. 
  8. Body Fat Removal & Fat Contouring– Have stubborn areas on your body where fat doesn’t go away no matter how hard you exercise or diet? Lavish Laser Medspa harnesses the power of monopolar RF Technology to remove upwards of 24% of body fat from hard-to-tackle areas in just one non-invasive session! 
  9. RF Microneedling – Microneedling is a cutting-edge treatment that makes skin tighten with precision-guided dermal stimulation. Ultra-tiny needles penetrate the dermis of your skin to stimulate collagen production at the cellular level. The results are glowing, tight, and youthful skin! This is the perfect antidote for fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles that won’t go away! 

How Can I Add These Miami Spa Treatments to My Skincare Routine?

Reach out to a specialist at Miami’s Lavish Laser Medspa to add any of the above treatments to your skincare regimen. As Miami’s leading provider of injectable fillers and boutique-style medspa services, we would love to help you upgrade your skincare routine!

Men and women looking to maintain their beauty with the help of our soothing specialists will enjoy elite privacy and discretion including:

  • Convenient on-site parking (parking is notoriously hard to find in Metro Miami-Dade)
  • A wide array of medspa services
  • Non-invasive fat removal
  • And more!

Find Miami Facials & Spa Treatments at Lavish Laser Medspa in Miami!

Lavish Laser Medspa is the perfect pairing of cutting-edge aesthetics services and super-warm customer service. Call 305-204-6288 or visit our newly opened Miami location today, and experience the Lavish Laser difference for yourself!

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