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Secrets From A Miami Med Spa Pro: Do Facial Fillers Hurt?

do facial fillers hurt

December 16, 2021

Facial fillers are a hot topic in the health and beauty industries. The results are clearly effective, as evidenced by the popularity. But a lot of potential customers have a lot of questions before their first treatment. Do facial fillers hurt? How do they work? Is there a difference between Botox and dermal fillers? All of these questions and more will influence the decision you make about this widely popular treatment. So, if you’re looking for a Miami med spa that provides facial fillers, this blog will break down what to expect.

What are facial fillers?

Face fillers are also known as dermal fillers. They are basically small injections of gel substances that are typically made of hyaluronic acid. The substance will fill in wrinkles, add volume and improve the appearance of the soft tissue it is injected into. In fact, most areas of your face including, the skin around your eyes, cheeks, mouth, lips, and jawline are areas that can benefit from face fillers.

How do they work? Do facial fillers hurt?

Fillers work by restoring lost volume to the skin on your face and other plump areas. This will smooth away the deep-set lines that cause wrinkles as our bodies lose collagen and elastin. These substances are what help you maintain your youthful look. Many experts say you can lose your skin’s natural collagen in your mid-20s. You will continue losing collagen in small increments for the rest of your life after the first dip around 25.

Is there a difference between Botox and dermal filler?

Botox prevents the muscles in your face from moving and contracting, which, over time, causes wrinkles and fine lines to soften and relax. Products like dermal fillers can plump the skin from below the wrinkles, which will smooth the skin out and give you a youthful look. This is a subtle difference that your treatment provider or skincare professional can advise you on. Depending on your timeline and budget, you may prefer one to the other with the information you receive.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

Dermal fillers can vary widely in price. You don’t want to be cheap when dealing with your health or beauty. But you should also shop around to make sure that high-priced providers are not taking advantage of you. Once you shop around, you will find that the market is full of very fair deals as well as some bad ones. The key is to find a provider that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Are you ready to get Florida’s best facial fillers?

Florida’s best facial filler provider is hands down Lavish Laser Med Spa. We provide premier facial fillers and other popular beauty services that always put customers’ comfort first.

Enjoy elite privacy and discretion from our professional service providers including convenient on-site parking (parking is notoriously hard to find in Miami-Dade), along with a wide array of premium medspa services like non-invasive fat removal and laser hair removal. Call us at 305-846-7452 or visit our pristine Miami location to experience the Lavish Laser Medspa difference today!

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