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How Laser Hair Removal Can Help You Save Time and Money

One of the best-kept secrets in beauty and wellness is laser hair removal. Not only does it save time and money, but it’s also far less painful than other popular forms of hair removal. This blog will break down exactly how laser hair removal can help you save time and money.

Remove Hair From Problem Areas

Stop wasting money and time on the shaving and waxing process that costs a ton and does not last. Razors are expensive, and waxing treatments at a salon or spa are exorbitant and painful. When you add up how much you can save with a laser hair treatment routine, you will be looking for the nearest provider immediately.

The AAD says that the following areas are best for laser hair removal: The chest, back, shoulders, neck, bikini line, and face (except for the eye area).

Simple Follow Ups

Laser hair removal isn’t quite overnight magic, but the results will still blow you away. After a few months of sessions, you will notice that your hair has slowly disappeared. The hairs that remain will be much lighter and less noticeable. This will ultimately save you a fortune on waxing or shaving costs, which will disappear almost instantly.

It’s important to remember that follow-up treatments are necessary to get the most out of laser hair removal. The exact number of maintenance laser treatments varies by individual. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, most clients will need between four and six therapy sessions before laser hair treatment shows complete results. Compared to the endless need to wax every 3-4 weeks with no end in sight, we think the benefits of laser hair removal speak for themselves.

For best results, you will need to space out treatments by about six weeks each. This will add up to about nine months total. As you go through each session, you will notice fewer hairs in the treated areas. The remaining hair will be reduced by up to 25 percent in the first session and as you increase your sessions, the rate of reduction will increase.

Results Are Steady And Dependable

Unlike many hair removal treatments, your hair will not immediately disappear after your first procedure. It will take a short period of days to weeks for you to see this considerable shedding. Don’t mistake this period for regrowth. Results can vary slightly and are very difficult to predict. While some customers only need a few weeks to get desired results, sometimes it can take months. Still, when compared to waxing and shaving, there are far more lasting benefits to laser hair removal.

Are You Ready To Get Florida’s Best Laser Hair Removal?

Lavish Laser Med Spa is known as the finest in Florida for beauty and wellness enthusiasts. We offer premier spa laser hair removal treatments and other services that help you feel and look your best. Our ultra-professional providers have years of experience, and will always do the most to ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish. Call us at 305-846-7452 in order to start your journey today.

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